HAARP vs. WOODPECKER causes tsunami?

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There is a future war going on right now with weapons that boggle the mind. The weapons are designed either for remote-influence or for using the Earth itself as a weapon against a combattant country. Read the material and offer your oppinion.



At this point, you might be thinking that there is no evidence that such a small signal could have such terrible consequences. Listen to this discussion as to how a small input in the earth can produce a huge output.

"... documents admit that thousandfold greater amounts of energy can be released ... than injected. As with MacDonald's 'key to geophysical warfare', 'nonlinear' effects mean small input and large output ... Richards talked about the ... Stanford University experiment in beaming VLF waves to the magnetosphere. The signals followed the curves of the magnetic field and swung back to Earth. They were detected halfway around the world ... In some cases, the signals were amplified a thousand times ...

This Tesla Magnifying Resonance effect can control enormous energies by minuscule triggering signals." ["Angels Don't Play This HAARP", by Dr. Nick Begich, p. 72-73.

The question of the hour is simple: can the same multiplying effect described above, in the upper atmosphere, be duplicated within the earth? Could this small Russian Woodpecker signal
(see below) be similarly multiplied within the earth? For this answer, we turn again to Lt. Colonel Beardon:

"Shifting to Earthquake Mode: The uses of the complex grid, and scalar howitzers is limited only by human ingenuity and state-of-the-art of the technology developed. By shifting the scalar-carrier mode and transmitting in the surface layer of the earth, the interference zone can be established in a distant region of the earth, beneath the earth's surface.

Suppose we establish a very small interference grid in the earth at and around a distant fault zone. Then by steadily depositing energy in the zone in the continuous exothermic mode, the stress in the fault area is steadily and gradually increased. Eventually, the plates on each side will slip and a 'natural-appearing earthquake' occurs. If the energy is deposited slowly and gently, a higher peak stress can usually be reached ... and a larger, more destructive earthquake results."

The Moscow microwave bombardment is a prototype weapon of the 1977 Soviet Woodpecker Emr signal: Soviet emr weapons go public Dr. Beck stated, "[the 1976] Russian woodpecker signal is the most powerful man made emr source ever. 10 pulses per second, 40 million watts per pulse, it is psycho active." It is generated in the Soviet Union and permeates everything in the U.S. It was picked up by power grids and irradiated into homes."

Persistent rumors that U.S. signal beamed over Russia. "They are the most expensive and powerful in the world." "Dr. Becker said there are persistent rumors that the U.S. is doing the same to the Soviet Union, powerful U.S. transmitters beaming 16 cycles per second to produce the same effect as the Soviets, into the Soviet Union.' "We are in the middle of electronic warfare aimed at citizens of both countries."

For further information google "woodpecker signal" or "HAARP"

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    I mentioned also in the previous post on this tribe, try looking for informational movies on your favorite P2P app. I have a very good docu. of HAARP and also found the coast to coast with Dr. Beckage (begich?). Swaz, we should meet up soon, when is the next didj fire event?


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